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There has never been a more critical time to step up as a leader.

With the “Great Resignation” decimating the ranks across industries and organizations struggling to attract and retain top talent, the need for effective leaders who can inspire others to do their best and work together in the passionate pursuit of shared goals has never been more obvious.

When your team or organization lacks strong leadership, the results are disappointing outcomes, apathy and high turnover, and a silo mentality that prevents teams and departments from collaborating in ways that deliver the best outcomes. And that has a serious negative impact on your bottom line.


Great leaders aren’t born – they’re made.

With the right support, motivation, and training – and a commitment to greater self-understanding and growth – anyone can develop into a highly effective leader. Leadership development is about YOU creating the internal capacity and building the skill-set you need to generate the results you want.
When you invest your time and energy into growing your leadership skills and learning how to inspire others to do their best work individually and as a team, you can become an invaluable asset to any team or organization AND accelerate your ability to achieve your career goals.

And that is exactly what you will learn how to do in 8 game-changing weeks this fall with Massively Human Leadership and principle facilitator and coach, Kathleen Seeley!

LeaderShift: A Massively Human Approach to Cultivating Great Leaders

Through a combination of live online workshops and one-on-one coaching, you will learn the fundamentals of:
  • Identifying the core values that will bring your team together and get them invested in your shared vision
  • Building a higher level of trust and collaboration among individuals and groups
  • Communicating objectives in a way that inspires passionate dedication to achieving those objectives
  • Promoting agility and resilience to facilitate your ability to adapt to change – and respond to challenges faster and more effectively
  • Understanding interpersonal friction and developing the skills to work with it before it becomes a problem
  • Attracting and retaining top talent and grow a thriving, purpose-driven culture focused on excellence and achievement
In 8 weeks, you will clarify your core leadership motivation and guiding values… develop a coach approach to leadership and a solutions-focused mindset that equips you to successfully deal with complex challenges…  and become a Massively Human Leader who gets results!
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Become a Massively Human Leader


8 Week LeaderShift Journey

The LEADERSHIFT Development Model will help you clarify your vision, identify your core values, and embrace and integrate a coach approach to leadership and a leadership mindset – so you can increase your influence and impact across your team or organization.
  • October 25
  • 7 AM - 11 AM Pacific
  • November 8
  • 7 AM - 11 AM Pacific
  • November 22
  • 7 AM - 3 PM Pacific
  • December 6
  • 7 AM - 11 AM Pacific
  • December 13
  • 7 AM - 11 AM Pacific

Session 1: What Drives You?

Successful leaders are skilled in bringing people together in pursuit of a common goal – even in complex times or challenging situations. Here’s how to develop a clear vision that will enable you and your team to organize around the problems that emerge, stick together through the tough times, and move in the direction of your purpose.
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October 18

90 minutes


Session 1

October 25
Half Day
Successful leaders are skilled in bringing people together in pursuit of a common goal – even in complex times or challenging situations. Here’s how to develop a clear vision that will enable you and your team to organize around the problems that emerge, stick together through the tough times, and move in the direction of your purpose.
“It’s not what vision is, it’s what vision does” – Peter Senge
  • Identify your Current Leadership Challenge or Goal
  • Clarify your Core Motivation,  your Why, or the problem you want to solve in the world
  • Craft a clear and compelling Vision statement designed to render your Core Motivation practical and enroll others in your cause

Session 2

November 8
Half Day
Fearless leadership is grounded in self understanding and compassion. Learn how to develop mindful leadership practices that will help you recognize unproductive patterns in interpersonal interactions – and shift from reactive to responsive behavior. Understanding your triggers and knowing how to master the moment will prepare you to meet unexpected challenges with calm and clarity.
“How you see the world profoundly impacts the way you lead”  – Kathleen Seeley
  • Explore both the Growth and Fixed Mindset
  • Explore Levels of Truth and Openness and how this matters in your leadership
  • Explore the concepts of choice and responsibility and their relevance to your leadership
  • Learn how to integrate mindfulness practices into your leadership

Session 3

Full Day Session
November 22
Full Day
Experience our Individual Values Assessment process to deepen your self-awareness and create a personalized roadmap to leadership transformation. You’ll then learn how to leverage the Massively Human LeaderShift Method to identify blind your spots and existing strengths to fully leverage and holistically increase your leadership capacity.
“Your values underpin everything you do, they are the drivers of our behavior. Your values show up in your behavior and reflect your current motivations, needs, and your fears”.  – Kathleen Seeley
  • Complete your individual Values Assessment and establish a baseline of where you are operating from and what needs to happen to get you to where you want to be.
  • Use values as a metric to measure and manage your transformation.
  • Complete your individual Values Assessment and establish a baseline of where you are operating from and what needs to happen to get you to where you want to be.
  • Identify the values you may want to consciously integrate into your culture and how to ensure that happens.

Session 4

December 6
Half Day
What if every event were neutral and only had the meaning we assigned to it? Every outcome is a result of your response to an event. Some people blame the outcome on the event. Your power lies in your response. As leaders we need to let go of being reactionary and find the space between the event and our response. We call that space the gap. If you are willing to tap into the gap, you can leverage the power to affect your outcomes and holistically increase your leadership capacity.
Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. – Steven Covey
  • Discover a simple to apply process designed to allow you to get more of the outcomes you desire
  • Develop an empowering interpersonal skill to look inside yourself and understand the origins of your reactions

Session 5

December 13
Half Day
Develop a Coach Approach to Leadership. Leaders who adopt a coaching style take an individual approach to recognizing and cultivating the talents of each team member while simultaneously directing everyone toward a common goal. In this session you will develop a critical coaching skill set and framework that empowers you to adapt to a coach approach in your leadership.
Coaching will become the model for leaders in the future … I am certain that leadership can be learned and that terrific coaches … facilitate learning. – Warren Bennis
  • Learn mindful listening techniques to leverage generative listening to hear the potential in your peoples words for faster resolutions, innovations, and day-to-day communications
  • Understand and explore the Catalytic Coaching Framework to take your leadership capacity to a whole new level

It All Comes Down To Your Values

Massively Human Leadership® was built on the premise that creating human connections and alignment based on shared values is what drives ROI. We help HR and business leaders – from some of the world’s biggest organizations, such eBay,  to the small or medium-sized businesses in your hometown – build Massively Human workplaces that recognize the value and potential of every employee and support their teams to flourish.

A Massively Human workplace is more than a headcount

It’s more than a mindset. It’s a new work paradigm that leverages the power of human connection and alignment to build resilient, high-performing cultures that are dedicated to achieving shared goals and thriving both individually and as a team – even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Massively Human Leadership is where the next generation of leaders meet the new generation of work

Led by Founder and Principal Consultant Kathleen Seeley, LEADERSHIFT offers culture diagnostic tools and strategies, full-scale development programs, and personal coaching initiatives based on the Massively Human Leadership framework to help you grow your leadership capacity and create a culture of collaboration and success across your organization.

Leadership is a behavior, not a role

With Massively Human Leaders inspiring individuals and teams throughout the organization, your company will be more resilient, more creative, more connected – and better able to respond and adapt to change.

Now we’d like to help YOU unlock your full leadership capacity and guide your team to success

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LeaderShift: Not for everyone…but if you are:

  • A high-potential or top-performing individual looking to improve your leadership skills
  • An emerging leader who wants to grow your influence and impact across your organization
  • An entrepreneur ready to take the next step and scale your business by attracting and retaining top-tier employees
  • A founder looking to more fully engage your organization’s talent, stakeholders, and investors
  • A manager responsible for growing new leaders in your organization
  • Anyone who wants to grow your ability to inspire others and create a positive impact in your organization or the world around you
LEADERSHIFT is your chance to grow your leadership skills and capacity to excel, both personally and professionally, in your role and organization – in 8 weeks.

Leaders Are the Architects of Your Culture

The nature and quality of your team or organization’s culture – and, as a result, the outcomes you collaboratively produce – are directly dependent on the nature and quality of your leaders. So if you want to raise the quality of the culture and the work you produce, the best way to do that is to raise the quality of your leadership.

What Makes a Leader “Massively Human”?

Massively Human Leaders are more effective cross-group collaborators. They know how to align their teams around a shared vision and values – and build team commitment to producing the best possible outcomes. They are able to solve complex issues and balance competing priorities – and they are skilled masters at managing stress, increasing resiliency, and engaging with a network for support in achieving their key objectives.

LEADERSHIFT is your chance to grow your leadership skills and capacity to excel, both personally and professionally, in your role and team or organization – in 8 weeks.
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“The Values Assessment is incredibly insightful for our employees in our Leadership Development Programs. It gives better insights than other tools that we had implemented previously.”
Matt Goswick.
Global Leadership Development Program
The absence of leadership capacity contributes to lack of progress, frustration, silo mentality, apathy and high turnover; all impacting bottom-line growth and revenue of your team or organization.
LeaderShift: 8-week program to unlock your ability to become a leader worth following


  • 1 full day training session (8 hrs)
  • 4 half-day training sessions (4 hrs each)


  • Individual Leadership Values Assessment – gain clarity into your motivations and behaviour


  • Follow-up support opportunities – to help you fully integrate your training


  • Community Access Portal – for 24/7 access to the tools and resources
  • Downloadable workbook – to help you put your learning into practice
  • 90 day access to session recordings


  • TWO Dedicated LeaderShift Development Coach – to offer guidance and feedback as you progress through the training
Regular:  $3,997


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Leadership Development that Moves the Needle

LEADERSHIFT is based on rigorous, ongoing “boots on the ground” experience of creating leaders and cultures that thrive and perform. Our content is continually evolving to focus on what matters most right now, so you get the training you need to excel in our modern world – and help others do the same.

A Message from Kathleen Seeley, Founder of Massively Human

What do YOU love the most about being a leader?

These days I find myself appreciating how my leadership empowers me to let go and give up my space, so others can have the opportunity to step up and take center stage. As a leader, that can be difficult. I have to remind myself of how challenging it has been in the past when I have worked with leaders who haven’t always given me my opportunity to shine.

There’s a difference, as a leader, between being the founder or instigator of a project and saying “everyone’s here because of me” – and having the grace and humility to NOT say with your words or your energy, “you’re here because of me.”

To increase your capacity to empower others to show up as their best selves, you must grow your understanding of yourself and what truly motivates you. And that self-exploration can be challenging. It takes time that we often don’t take for ourselves when we are in fast-paced leadership positions where everything is in constant motion.

But the effort you will put into it will be invaluable – both in terms of your own development and what you will bring to your team or organization or any place you choose to work in the future.

If you’re ready to learn how to empower the people you work with to deliver their best results, I encourage you to take this huge leap forward in your career.
Kathleen Seeley.
- Lead Facilitator
If you have any questions about the program please email and we will be happy to answer any question and set a time to meet if necessary.
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